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The most important point of view of the IDC® product range is the perfect comfort and safety of the dog. We’ve paid a special attention to find the most comfortable and safest wear for a Canis lupus familiaris...
JULIUS-K9® is a European company which has an important role on the market of dog accessories and sportswear since 1997. Sebo Julius, the inventor of harnesses with hook & loop patches was born in Hungary ...
All equipements and sleeves for working with dogs, including the softer, thinner version of the sleeve, which was used at the German Shepherd World Championships...
The most successful dog harness in Europe is the European-made IDC®-POWER or formerly (1997) K9-POWER harness...
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  • 1Innovative design
  • 2Safety in the dark
  • 3Side bag mountings
  • 4Water repellent skin
  • 5Skin friendly inner lining
  • 6Flashlight holders
  • 7Safety fixed handle
  • 8Reflective elements

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Last News
Since 2014 JULIUS-K9® is the N°1 brand in dog equipment in Europe - Newest products : new LUMINO® colours and new CANIS harnesses! 
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